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Our staff

Leadership team

The leadership team meets regularly as part of developing informed and cohesive school governance.

The leadership team distribute strategic and operational focus areas as part of school management. The leadership team members may share operational management outside the table of management areas depending on exigencies, needs and topical issues.

Additionally, staff contribute to school operations by being part of various focus groups. Coordinators lead these focus groups. The groups consult, plan and make recommendations to the leadership team.​

​Name ​Position
​Meaghan Rodgers ​Principal
​Louise Whittering ​Deputy Principal
​Petra Cooke ​Deputy Principal
​Diana Ghusn ​Deputy Principal
​Michele Van Der Zant Head of Special Education Services
​Belinda Goode ​Head of Curriculum
Administration team

Our administration team support the operations of the school in planning, finance, community liaison, records, resourcing, staffing, student and teaching programs.
​Name ​Position
​Justine Dunn ​Business Services Manager
​Nicole Taylor ​Administration Officer
​Shannon Cridland ​Adminstration Officer
​Belinda Mackintosh ​Administration Officer
​Kathy Hacker ​Special Education Program Administration Officer

Teaching Staff

The teaching team has primary responsibility for planning and delivering quality teaching and learning programs in line with departmental expectations, school goals, plans,policies and operations.​

Specialist Teachers

​Name ​Position
​Maria Manson ​Guidance Officer
​Miriam Ahnon ​Teacher Librarian
​Tracy Hume ​Digital Learning Coordinator
​Bray Miller ​Health and Physical Education Teacher
​Declan Kenrick  ​Classroom Music Teacher
​Alex Grodecki ​Instrumental Music Teacher (Band)
​Ruth Prout ​Instrumental Music Teacher (Strings)
​Donna Miller ​Science/HASS Teacher
​Ilona Borza ​Science/Hass Teacher
​Julie Taylor ​Languages other than English Teacher (LOTE)
​Becky Dunn ​Languages other than English Teacher (LOTE)
​Janet Singer ​Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy
​Libby Staines ​English as a Second Language
​Christina Bogatko ​Speech-Language Pathologist
​Joshua Green ​School Chaplain

Classroom Teachers​
​Name ​Position
​Emma Nolan ​PNF
​Melissa Franklin ​PNF & 1NF
​Lara Russell ​PL
​Nicole Castledine ​PA
​Kirsten Cowan ​Prep C
​Lauren Turner ​Prep T
​Joanne Nicholson ​1NF
​Terri Henjak ​1H
​Felicity Ruddell ​1CR
​Emma Cash ​1CR & LRT
​Sandra Weldon ​1W
​Shelly Waner ​1W
​Sarah White ​1C
​Bronwen McKay ​2MI
​Susan Irving ​2MI
​Lyndal Busch ​2BB
​Naomi Bradley ​2BB & 5KB
​Fiona Halliday ​2H
​Diane Meiklejohn ​2M
​Tina Claxton ​2C
​Lizzie Rasmussen ​3R
​Carmen Crowley ​3C
​Kym Fry 3HF​
Judith Hillman​ 3HF​
Callie Baker​ 3​B
​Ceri Talbot ​3T
​Blair Brock ​3T
​Caitlin Pfrunder ​4P
​Alysha Jackson ​4D
​Corinne Foster ​4F
​Julia Theron ​4T
​Kristy O'Keefe ​5KB
​Nicholas Ng 5N​
Jessica Skilleter​ ​5S
​Stephanie Hollands ​5HI
​Tanya Ingham ​5HI
​Jo Knowles ​5K
​Susan Stenlake ​6S
​Donna Cooper 6L
​Matthew Bishop 6B​
​Erika Loney 6BL​
​Selina Bird 6BL​
​Karen Huntly 6H​
​Sally Hennessy Special Education Teacher​
​Elaine Beioley Special Education Teacher​
​Caroline Duffus Special Education Teacher​
​Jane Hollins Special Education Teacher​
​Tracey Farina Special Education Teacher​
​Trish Jervis Special Education Teacher​