A message to the P&C from Mr Michael Polities

I wish to formally advise the association and its members of my retirement as principal of Jindalee State School. I have submitted my notice of retirement to the Department of Education and this will take effect from the beginning of term three on Monday 14 July. I have informed Bill Carey of this and he has advised the community of my intention through the school newsletter.
I thank the association and its members since 2004 when I joined the school. The P&C can be well proud of some amazing achievements in that ten years including the annexe to the school hall and the complete air conditioning of the school, both major undertakings completed fully and ahead of schedule. As well as these major improvements to the learning environment, the association has also provided countless resources, services, facilities and support that have been critical to our student’s success. We would not have achieved the outstanding academic, cultural, social and sporting results without your commitment to providing the best for our school.

From my perspective, Jindalee has shone as a school at the “Top of the Class” in our standards against national learning benchmarks. We have gone from a good performer in 2004 to a great performer in 2014. Our student’s results have been consistently in the top 10% of our state and our like schools for NAPLAN. The dedication and commitment of our curriculum leaders and teaching staff have to be congratulated. Along with this is the great success of technology in learning at our school and the Bring Your Own device strategy. Once again Jindalee is at the forefront of innovation and achievement and our students have responded with improved learning results. The community support for our school over this time has seen our school population rise by over two hundred students in recent years.

The floods in 2011 caused much damage to our school and the emotional impact was also devastating and we not only survived, we got stronger through the determination and effort of each of us and as a school community. This was a time where the kindness, generosity and compassion showed the true spirit of our school community and its members.
Over the ten years, I have met some unusual and sometimes difficult situations as principal and on occasions there have been different perspectives around issues involving our school. I was able to meet these with confidence knowing that I had a dedicated team of people, both staff and parents, who could provide the information, action and support to ensure the best outcome for our school and students.
When I came to Jindalee the thing that struck me most was the students, how well mannered, courteous and respectful they were. While our student population has increased and our base has broadened, our students continue to have those same wonderful qualities. I will miss that. I have enjoyed my forty-six years as a teacher and particularly my ten years as principal at Jindalee State School. Thank you for your support, for your helping hand when I needed it and for the great successes we achieved together. I wish the association and our school continued success in the future.
Kindest regards,
Michael Polities
Jindalee State School​
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Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020