Jindalee State School’s Chess Superstars!


​Jindalee State School has conducted chess club for a number of years and over the last two years have coordinated a professional coach to conduct chess coaching sessions after school. Jindalee has a reputation for having one of the most talented chess players. Recently students participated in two interschool competitions demonstrating this talent and most importantly the great sportsmanship that Jindalee State School students display during these competitive events.

On Sunday 17 August students participated in the Somerville House Chess Competition held at Somerville House. Whilst we didn’t come out on top at this competition at a team level, the abilities of individual players shone during this tournament. 

Our beginning players showed that courage and perseverance pays off. Samuel W came 6th place out of 55 junior beginner players and performed extremely well, receiving a medallion for his efforts.  Jooyoung C participated in his first Somerville chess tournament and came 5th out of 14 senior beginner players, also receiving a medallion for his efforts.

Nandish K, AJ G, Rachel Y & Joshua W played as a team in the novice division. They played well together showing outstanding team spirit encouraging each other throughout the competition.  This was the first time that AJ has played for Jindalee State School at an interschool chess competition and he definitely showed that he is a strong contender at these competitions.  

Our Intermediate team made up of Evan F, Brandon Y, Luka K & Dudley R took on the challenge of playing against other players whose chess rating were generally higher than their own. They represented Jindalee with extreme pride showing that their love of the game is the number 1 reason they were there and their encouragement for their team was outstanding. 

On Thursday 27 August, students participated in the Gardiner Chess Competition held at Stretton College. Two teams were entered into this competition with one student entering this competition as an individual player.  
Dudley R, Nandish K, Brendan K and AJ G played as the Jindalee Chess Masters. Whilst they were not ranked in one of the top positions, they played extremely well as a team demonstrating great sportsmanship during some very challenging games. Well done!
Jooyoung C played as an individual player in C Grade and was awarded third place. Well done Jooyoung on this fantastic achievement.  
Evan F, Brandon Y, Luka K and Siddesh K played as the Jindalee Board Lords. These students were the overall winners in the A Grade division and have been selected to represent Jindalee State School at the QLD Chess Finals. This is an outstanding achievement!  There were some very excited students on their return to school. We are looking forward to seeing what this team can achieve at the QLD finals. 

Congratulations to all of the students who have participated in interschool chess competitions this term. We are extremely proud of the way that you represent Jindalee State School at these events with your outstanding sportsmanship, encouragement for each other, perseverance and determination to do your best.

Louise Whittering
Deputy Principal​

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Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020