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​I commence this newsletter with the confirmation that, following a relocation process, Meaghan Rodgers from Hambledon State School in Cairns has been appointed as Principal of Jindalee State School from the commencement of the 2015 school year. Meaghan is an experienced Band 10 Principal who I am sure will bring a wealth of experiences from her present role to further progress the learning priorities at Jindalee. 

Whilst some have communicated to me over the past few days that it is unfortunate that there is to be another change in the administrative team, I understand that for many it will be a relief to know that the process of settling into a permanent administrative team has commenced. This will ensure that the work progressing presently will be built upon in a systematic and planned manner for the future.  I wish Meaghan well as she commences her preparation to relocate to Brisbane and take the helm of such a dynamic school with a dedicated staff and community.

The role of a teacher is extraordinarily complex but equally rewarding given the privilege bestowed upon us to help shape the lives of young people and support families to achieve the best results we can for each individual.  At Jindalee many of our teachers go above and beyond what is required of them, to provide the best service to students and families.  I find it an honour being able to work amongst some of the most dedicated, well researched and forward thinking teachers who strive to achieve our school vision of “creating a clever future today”.  Well done to all of our teachers and the talented staff who support them to do the important work that they do.

On Friday October 31 we will be celebrating Celebrate World Teacher’s Day.    Teachers around the world spend a good amount of their time not only teaching the curriculum but also supporting student’s social and emotional needs.  Teachers are also often there to assist when an accident or injury has been sustained or a little extra attention is required. I am sure that at some point we have all benefited from the contributions of a special teacher who was there to motivate us, teach us, or care for us in a way that acknowledged we were important. If you would like to let your child’s teacher know the positive influence they have had on your child, please feel free to drop them a line or perhaps have your child prepare something for them.  Often it is the simple things that we treasure the most.

In the last newsletter you will recall I made mention of the Queensland Education Accord Summit I attended over the school holidays.  Documentation is now available online, 
providing the public with access to the summit’s deliberations and findings, speaker presentations, participant activity worksheets and a full transcript of the day.  I encourage all families to view these materials to better understand the developing vision for Queensland education into the future.

Over last weekend Queenslanders celebrated Grandparents Day on Sunday 26 October. Grandparents Day recognises the significant contribution that grandparents make to their families and communities. The day is celebrated annually in Queensland on the last Sunday in October.Did you know that in 2011 around 937,000 Australian children received child care from a grandparent on a regular basis? This represented over a quarter of all children (26%) aged 0-12 years who regularly attended some type of child care.

I would like to recognise all of the grandparents for the magnificent contributions they make to the lives of our students and the support they offer many of our families.

Over recent weeks I have had a number of conversations in relation to the collection of students in the afternoon.  Among these has been discussions regarding children who are unsure of what to do in the afternoon if not collected for the day.  Please note that at our school we reinforce with the students from time to time a very simple routine for them to follow if they are unsure of how they may be getting home.  Our process is to remind students to come to the office if they believe they have been left at school.  Office staff will make contact with parents or other care providers listed on the emergency contacts.  As a result it is important that you keep these numbers up to date.  At no stage should your child feel anxious or frightened.  You can assist us by reminding children of this procedure to ensure that they are clear.

Tuckshop day 7 November

Our tuckshops perform an important role in school life and much of the hard work undertaken by tuckshop convenors and volunteers is done out of the public eye. They provide an invaluable service in ensuring students have access to nutritious, tasty and affordable food. Tuckshop Day on Friday 7 November gives school communities the opportunity to show their appreciation for the work they do. Celebrate this day and give your tuckshop convenors and volunteers a big “thank you”.

Download the PDF of Queensland school communities acknowledge Tuckshop workers here
Bill Carey


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Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020