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​Dear Parents and other Care Providers,

I commence this fortnight with a heartfelt thank you to the P&C for a wonderful movie evening held on February 8.  Whilst I have been in many schools I have never experienced such a wonderful free community event to welcome in the new school year, connecting and reconnecting families both new and existing.  It was my pleasure to spend some time with Mrs Swan supporting the work of the parent body in a celebration of community that was relaxed and most enjoyable as families gathered to watch the movie, enjoy some BBQ delights and socialise. Thanks to the P&C and all of the volunteers who assisted in making this a successful evening.

I also extend my thanks to the staff of Jindalee who have provided some informative and well received parent information evenings.  In amongst the planning, preparation and organisational activities teachers are involved in during the first few weeks of the year, these evenings do place an added pressure on busy staff.  I thank them for their efforts and appreciate the time they have contributed to building those important relationships with the families.  Please note that if you were unable to attend any of the meetings our staff are available to meet with you.  Whilst some are able to see parents for a limited discussion before and after class times on an ad hoc basis, it is always best to make an appointment to ensure adequate time is made available for you.

This week we celebrate the induction of our school leaders.  Congratulations to all of our leaders for this year and thanks to Mrs Whittering who has coordinated the process.  This year there are a significant number of leaders as the roles have been allocated to both year 6 & 7 students.  This is because 2014 will be the last year that year seven will exist in a QLD primary school setting.  Earlier this year, as I was making class visits I spoke to the year five students about the implications of this.  We will now be looking to them to commence demonstrating their leadership skills as they position themselves to be possible candidates at the end of this year to become the next generation of school leaders working without the support of their year seven colleagues.

I wish all of our leaders every success as they move into their roles officially for 2014 and look forward to the contributions they will make in strengthening and developing the school culture through their leadership.

Each month Aussie of the Month awards are presented to students from selected classes. They are presented to children who are identified by a teacher or their peers for making a valuable contribution to our school community.  I look forward to our first round of awards coming up shortly.

This week I also take this opportunity for a couple of reminders.  I note that there are a good number of students who play in the playground before and after school under the supervision of parents and other care givers.  Please note that the rules that apply during the day also apply to students outside school hours.  If you are not sure of what these are I recommend you ask your child or find out if they think they would be in trouble if a teacher saw them doing something you are unsure of.  This will assist in minimising potential accidents and injuries that may occur by using the equipment in an unsafe manner.  Staff who are in the playground at these times will also assist by reminding students directly if they see them not observing the playground rules.  Your assistance in helping to keep our play areas as safe as possible is appreciated.

On another note please, remember if you are collecting children in the afternoon, and chatting in the playground you may be heard in classrooms.  Our rooms are not soundproof and at times, students, particularly younger ones can become distracted by conversations occurring outside the rooms.  As a result we request you talk quietly or move to a space away from the rooms.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Parents and carers can now sign up to a free government-funded program which aims to increase activity and healthy eating for the whole family. The new program called PEACH™ (Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Health), is available to families with a child 5-11 years who is above a healthy weight for their age.

PEACH™ is being initially being offered to families in Brisbane, Caboolture, Logan and Rockhampton, followed by a state-wide roll out during 2014. If you would like more information about the PEACH™ program or to register please free call 1800 263 519 or visit

Finally this week I congratulate all of the students who have been selected to represent Jindalee in the upcoming swimming carnival.  I wish them all well and look forward to hearing of their results on their return.  Thanks to Mr Miller for his work in coordinating this activity on behalf of the school.

 William (Bill) Carey
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Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020