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Dear parents and other care providers,

As you may be aware, last week our school was advised that we have been successful in pursuit to become an Independent Public School (IPS) in 2015.  This will provide our school with greater flexibility to build on the solid foundations that have been established in relation to teaching and learning and the school’s strategic direction.   In particular this opportunity will support the school to continue to develop its Bring You Own Device initiative and potentially make links beyond the school community to support implementation and professional initiatives to support staff.



Subject: Congratulations on your successful Application​

Dear Principal
I am writing to offer my congratulations on your successful application to become an Independent Public School in 2015.
The Independent Public Schools initiative is part of the Government’s commitment to improve outcomes for all Queensland state school students.
The initiative recognises that the best decision-making often happens at the local level.
By embracing independence, you will have greater autonomy in the decisions you make to deliver the best possible outcomes for your students and your community.
As one of 130 Independent Public Schools, your school will benefit from:
•         enhanced local governance;
•         opportunities for innovation;
•         a locally tailored workforce;
•         increased financial flexibility; and
•         less red tape.
Your application was successful because it showed the panel that you are ready to take on the challenge and innovate to lift your school’s performance – and that you have the support of your school community to do this. Let me assure you that your school also has the full support of the Department as you plot your path forward.
Please convey my congratulations and best wishes to your school community. I look forward to working with you, your teachers, parents and wider school community to deliver the very best education for your students.
Should you have any questions regarding your new status as an Independent Public School, please contact Ms Leanne Nixon, Assistant Director-General, State Schools-Performance on telephone 3513 5803 or by email to

Yours sincerely
John-Paul Langbroek
Minister for Education, Training and Employment
Education House | 30 Mary Street | Brisbane | QLD 4000
PO Box 15033 | City East | Brisbane | QLD 4002
Great State. Great Opportunity.
Ref:  14/386461

In addition to IPS, our school was also advised that next year, staff will have access to a Master Teacher position.  The work of master teachers will be a three year undertaking, providing an additional teacher to schools where they can make the greatest difference. This opportunity will offer selected high performing teachers an exciting and rewarding career path, allowing them to continue to work directly in classrooms and with other teachers.

The role will focus on improving literacy and numeracy and will also build capacity through action research and developing high yield strategies for improvement with a strong evidence base. Through this sharing of proven, effective classroom practice, every school, teacher and student in the state will benefit.

The Master Teachers initiative represents a carefully targeted investment in student improvement and complements a range of measures and supporting services for schools, including the Great Results Guarantee, the School Improvement Unit and the support of regional directors and assistant regional directors.

Both of these initiatives will be led by Jindalee State School’s new Principal who will be joining the school officially from the commencement of the 2015 school year.  Meaghan Rodgers is an experienced Band 10 Principal and has been relocated into Jindalee.  Having spoken with Meaghan I acknowledge her genuine enthusiasm in joining the Jindalee community and meeting a new set of challenges associated with this unique and exciting school. 

To support Meaghan next year it is expected that there will be a return to a more permanent administration team.  Mr Tvede, is set to return to also commence the 2015 school year as Deputy Principal.  Whilst Mr Tvede has been away from the school as an acting Principal, it must be noted that upon his return he will also bring with him a vast array of new skills associated with the professional activities and challenges that he has been attending to.  This will mean that Mrs Swan will complete her engagement at Jindalee at the end of the year.  I wish Mrs Swan well and thank her for the leadership and professionalism that she has demonstrated this year as she has engaged fully with her role and achieved some outstanding results via projects she has work to implement and support.  

Diana Gushan will continue acting in her role as Acting Head of Curriculum.

The Special Education Program at Jindalee State School provides support to many students, reflecting Jindalee’s whole school student support approach.  Children with special needs are provided with individualised support to access the Australian Curriculum. Recently we called for suggestions from parents and staff to commence a reimagining process for the diverse range of students within our school community. Listed below is a range of the names suggested.  I thank all families, students and staff who provided input into this process.

To progress this matter, we would appreciate your opinions. The following names have been shortlisted:

• Learning Enrichment Centre 

• The Enrichment Centre                                                                                 

• The HUB

• Birralee (Children)                                                                                                   

• Tailored Learning Centre                                                                               

• Teaching and Learning Centre                                                                      

Voting is done using the radio buttons to the right hand side of this newsletter.  Your assistance and support is greatly appreciated.

Uniform Policy

At this time of year you may be considering purchasing uniforms for your child/children for next year.

I have attached a copy of the school's uniform policy for your consideration when purchasing your child’s/children’s uniform.

*Please note that the current uniform policy may be reviewed in 2015.

Click here to download School Uniform Policy


Bill Carey


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