Principal's News - 26 November 2015


​As we approach the end of the year, our activities associated with the end of this year and the commencement of the new school year, certainly seem to ramp up.  Presently, we are planning the graduation of our Year 6 and 7 students, as the final preparations for them to move to high school commence.

This represents a significant change to education in Queensland and has certainly been well planned over a number of years.  Certainly, our local high school, Centenary State High School, has been a hive of activity, as work progresses on the final stages of new facilities.  In addition, our students have had numerous opportunities this year to engage with the high school setting and become familiar with various aspects of secondary schooling.  As these students prepare for their graduation, I am confident that our partnership with Centenary State High School has provided students with the confidence to move on to the next phase in their education with a degree of comfort that should assist them in settling well.

Internally, we are finalising reports and class arrangements for next year.  Please note that if you are aware that you will be away for the first few days or weeks of next year, you will need to provide written confirmation of this, to ensure that places are held for your child.  This communication must go to the office but generally will pass through the teacher.  An email to will ensure that your anticipated date of return is received and planned for.

In association with this, today I provide advice in relation to teacher allocation to Year levels for 2015.  Please note that these are the anticipated arrangements and are subject to change.  In addition, all classroom allocations for students will also be subject to change pending the student enrolment numbers at day 8 next year.  Class placements for students will be advised during the last week of the school term.  You will also be aware that from next year all Year levels from year 2 to 6 will be involved in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative.  Year 6 will still maintain the 1-to-1 laptop initiatives.  However, it must be noted that due to changes in student numbers, there is the need to move of a couple of students only from BYOD this year to 1-to-1 Laptop classes.  It is expected that these students will be using the same Windows 8 operating system as the other students in the 1-to-1 Laptop classes. 

This arrangement will ensure that no class is significantly oversized and allows all Year 6 students to enjoy their final year of primary schooling with their Year 6 colleagues without the need the construct a multi age class.  Any movement of this nature will be kept to a minimum.

Proposed Class Allocations 2015

Please note that these are subject to change.  NB. Parents are not able to request teachers, however consideration has been given to your submitted preference sheets.

On the Thursday evening prior to the G20 long weekend I had the privilege of being entertained by our young musicians.  This was an evening of lively performances showcasing the talents of our strings, choral, band and marimba students.  I thank our music staff and students for the evening’s entertainment and all of the volunteer staff and parents who supported the program.  Well done.

Following our P&C meeting last week and discussions with the upper school staff, a modification to Friday sport will be trialled for Year 5 and 6 in 2015.  This trial will reduce the number of days spent out at sport but not greatly impact on the allocation of time playing sport.  Following is the agreed proposal.

Model: Interschool Sport is played fortnightly for 5 weeks during the 10 weeks normally allocated to Sport.


• Games begin at 11.30am with schools participating in two rounds in an afternoon.

• Game time is slightly reduced to ensure sport is finished by 2.10pm to appease transport arrangements. (Note – the overall time students participate is comparative with a 10 week season when cancellations are considered)

• In the event of a cancellation the round is made up in the following week to ensure all 5 weeks of competition are completed.

Key considerations:

• Schools, as usual, must avoid scheduling events on Fridays during the allocated 10 week block i.e. excursions, camps etc. (Note – it is important that schools are available to participate in the ‘spare week’ in the event of cancellations)

• Transport will need to be tentatively arranged for the spare weeks which may or may not incur a cost from the transport company.

The benefits:

• Increased curriculum time

• Reduced costs for students

• Unlikely loss of competition time due to cancellations.

• Integrity of an extended season remains.


• Lunch Break time for teachers and students on sports days.

• Absent students effectively miss two weeks of competition.

The following proposal was also taken to the P&C regarding 4-7 swimming.  The P&C have decided that this proposal should be made available for wider consultation.  Included in this newsletter is a voting process that you may be able to access to provide us with your feedback.  Please note it is intended that if this proposal is supported, a swimming option will be potentially offered as part of the Friday sports program for students who may be in Year 5 and 6 and require additional swimming lessons.
2015 HPE Swimming Proposal
• Given the changes arising from the National Curriculum Implementation in 2015, increasing costs and curriculum time pressures, we expect that swimming from 2015 will no longer to be offered as a part of the HPE curriculum at Jindalee State School.Details• Remove Survive Program for Years 4, 5 and 6 will be replaced with another unit of work which aligns with the Australian curriculum.• Continue swimming for Years One to Three as part of the HPE program.  Benefits• Increased classroom curriculum time. Presently to conduct a 30 min swimming lesson, each class needs to allocate 1 hour 30 min to allow for travel time to and from the pool, changing of students and lunchtime breaks for children and teachers.• No changing of staff lunch duties (some classes have to be taught through lunch breaks).• Reduced cost for parents.• No doubling up of swimming for parents that have children involved in swimming out of school.• No changing of school specialist timetables.Concerns• Some children may only have access to swimming lessons through the school.• Private swimming lessons cost more than school swimming.
Over the last couple of weeks, students from Year 5 went through an application process to nominate for a school leadership position for 2015.  This is not an easy process to go through, and we congratulate all of the students who applied for a position.  Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to be a school leader in 2015:
Reuben L, Connor M, James C, Peta P, Laila S, Jamie M, Sebastian N, Noah D,  
Charli M, Holly V.
Finally this week, I would like to extend warm congratulations to our rugby league team coached by Ms Bird and the swimming team, who competed on Friday night led by Mr Miller.   By all reports, our boys played very well, winning the Challenge Cup on Sunday.  This is certainly a marvellous achievement.  The swimmers certainly enjoyed the competition and achieved some personal bests.  A great effort by all.  Many thanks to our wonderful staff for volunteering their time to support these out of hours activities.
Bill CareyPrincipal
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