Principal's News - 5 February 2015


Now that the dust has settled and students are warming to their new routines, I can take the opportunity to inform you of our new staff members in 2015.  

Ms Tara Haskins has obtained the role of Master Teacher. The Master Teacher role is a new one to the school and across many Queensland state schools. Ms Haskins will work predominantly with teachers, coaching and providing professional development for staff while ensuring her work aligns with the school’s improvement agenda.

Ms Callie Baker has come to us from Rainworth State School and joined the Year 3 team. We hope Callie enjoys her time with us at Jindalee.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s education throughout the year, please contact your child’s teacher.  If you have any further concerns, please contact the school office.  Our highly organised and well experienced staff at Jindalee will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

Please take time to read the important messages below:

School photos

2015 class photos, student leader photos and individual student photos will be held at a different time of the year from that of previous years. Please mark Tuesday, 31 March on your calendars as the date for these photos. Extra-curricular and sport photos will be conducted on 20 August. 


Jindalee State School’s Uniform policy is available for all parents on the school website. The policy is due for review this year, however in the meantime all students are required to adhere to the policy, including tucking their shirts in. Uniform policies are created and approved by P&C’s, after consultation with the school Administration Team.

Use of playgrounds out of school hours

Students should only play on the playgrounds after the 8.30am bell. Staff supervision is not provided before this time.  In the afternoons we ask that parents and children leave the school grounds before 3.30pm. Thank you to the parents who encourage their children to leave with them before this time.

Parents are reminded the Prep playground is not supervised before 9am or after 3pm and should therefore not to be used by students or their siblings out of school hours.

Getting organised for the day

Parents – please note that it will not be possible for office staff to send messages regarding after school locations and activities to students in class times as we cannot disturb teachers during learning time. Please make arrangements with your child the night before, or in the morning before school. Only urgent messages will be delivered to the classrooms.

Mrs Meaghan RodgersPrincipal

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