Road safety


Over the last few weeks you will have noticed that there has been some media attention focused on driver behaviour at pick up and drop off times around schools.  This is quite topical given the number of complaints, including one youtube clip sent to me, regarding the behaviour of drivers around our school.   

These behaviours include:                                                                              
• driving on the wrong side of the road,
• double parking,
• calling children to run across the road to get into vehicles opposite the school,
• parking in 15 min zones, ignoring no parking signs and
• various other matters that increase the risk of harm to our students. 

Whilst I understand that these behaviours are not demonstrated by the majority of those collecting children, I do appeal to our community generally to think of the needs and safety of the many.  Whilst parking in the green zone or a 15 min zone may seem like a small thing, it can create frustration for other drivers whose children are waiting for them.  Personally, I have observed drivers arriving at school very early in the afternoon and parking in short term zones.  I would encourage these drivers to consider walking a distance rather than parking inappropriately as it would seem that you may have the time and capacity to take a short walk to school to collect your children.  This will assist the flow of traffic in this area.

Other strategies may include picking children up 10 minutes after the bell has gone or perhaps walking, riding or scootering on fine days to introduce some additional exercise and talk time with your children into your daily routine.   If using this as an option, please use paths provided and reinforce with your children to stick to the path to avoid them walking too close to the road. 

Finally to assist us in maintaining a safe environment for your children, please ensure that you remind them of collection arrangements for the afternoon in the morning.  This will also assist us by reducing the number of messages we need to pass on to classrooms as these impact on the teaching time of our teachers.  It may also be timely to remind your children that if they have forgotten or are unsure of arrangements or if they think they have been left at school, they must to come to the office.  If you see a distressed student in the school grounds or outside the gate please also send them to the office. 

Many thanks to all of the families who are working to make our local area safer at these peak times; I certainly appreciate your efforts as I am sure our community does generally.

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Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020