School Banking needs your help

​Jindalee State school need volunteers for new school banking coordinators .

If we don’t get at least 2 new coordinators we will have to close down this great asset to the school and your children won’t be able to bank at the school anymore.  The school will also miss out on the much needed funds this programme generates.

We believe all young Australians should learn about the importance of saving and smart money management.

Our School Banking Program helps kids develop good saving habits and gives them the confidence and independence to make sound financial decisions. With hands-on learning experiences, we can help children grow into financially savvy adults.

We passionately believed all young Australians should learn about the importance of saving and smart money management. We think that when it comes to a child’s education, knowing how to manage money is as essential as english, maths, science or the arts.

School Banking is a fun, engaging way for young Australians to learn lifelong money-management skills.

The School Banking program has been running since 1931, teaching money-management skills to generations of Australians. Children traditionally receive a money box and transaction book on joining the program, but they now also get a range of fun, engaging materials to help them learn – and encourage them to save.

School Banking Coordinators are volunteers who are vital to the success of School Banking. With your help we can create a fun way to give kids a head start in money matters. Many Coordinators tell us how rewarding they find being able to make a positive difference in the lives of many children.

The Coordinators collect, process and deposit the money at the nearest CommBank branch or Australia Post and facilitate the Rewards Program

This only takes a small amount of your time one day a week. Your help with the program will greatly benefit students as they develop vital saving skills and also help our school with fundraising.

The School Banking Web Based System to make processing deposits simple and efficient. It can be accessed from any computer with the internet.

We appreciate the focus and energy our Coordinators bring to the program.

To help you we have a School Banking Specialist to provide support through regular telephone contact (for schools in country or remote areas) or school visits (for schools in metro locations and major regional centers). We have 45 School Banking Specialists on call to offer advice, share tips and encourage participation.

Participating schools receive a commission on every deposit made at the school.

In 2012, participating schools collectively received over $1.5 million in commission

Schools receive $5 for every Activated Account via the program.

Please contact       Nicole Bates 

                            Phone: 0432 281 219

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Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020