Supervised School Crossings

Parents and teachers are asked to encourage their children to use the supervised crossing and to set a good example themselves by obeying the School Crossing Supervisor's directions whenever they use the crossing.
Stop when the STOP sign is displayed
When the School Crossing Supervisor holds up the STOP sign all road users must stop their vehicles, clear of the crossing. Road users must not begin to accelerate until all pedestrians including the School Crossing Supervisor are safely on the footpath on either side of the road. If a vehicle has stopped to give way to the pedestrians at a crossing facility, do not overtake the vehicle while it is stationary. 
Failure to comply is an offence that will be reported to the Police.
No Stopping Zones
The ‘No Stopping’ zones delineate the School Crossing Supervisor’s workplace and serves to protect an area on either side of a crossing facility. It is important to the safety of pedestrians who use the crossing facility that this road rule is followed.  If this is ignored the enforcement agencies will be contacted. The design of a crossing facility is a standard layout described in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices to allow School Crossing Supervisors/ pedestrians to have a clear view of approaching vehicles and vice versa.
School Crossing Supervisor’s have the authority to report any incidents that affect their personal safety and the safety of pedestrians. They will record registration numbers and details of offending vehicles and report them. There are no circumstances where a driver can stop in the crossing zone, drivers delivering or waiting for children are no exception and are not exempt.
Supervised crossing procedure
The School Crossing Supervisor will ask all pedestrians, both children and adults, to wait on the footpath. When a suitable gap appears in the traffic from both directions, the supervisor will extend the STOP sign to face the traffic and when it is safe to do so proceed to the centre of the road with the STOP sign displayed. The supervisor will blow two blasts of the whistle to indicate that it is safe for pedestrians to cross. When all pedestrians have cleared the crossing, the School Crossing Supervisor then returns to the footpath. 
All cyclists, skateboarders, children wearing roller blades or with scooters will be asked to dismount and walk their 'wheels' over the crossing.
Please assist your School Crossing Supervisors – they are here to protect your children.
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Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020